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Teyseer Rent A Car Co. WLL

Your feat begins as you start the engine… 

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Travel safe, far and wide and with ease using our wide range of cars. At TEYSEER RENT A CAR, we offer a practical and flexible ways in sourcing to lease or rent a car. Starting from mini compact cars with 1.2-liter engine to crossover and up to the most liked SUVs, our vehicles are arranged with diversity of choices to suit customer’s requirements.  

Rent from us because

  • we offer the youngest fleet of vehicles and worry free throughout your motoring journey
  • we believe the service experience is most important so we exhaust our best efforts and bring the car of choice and service expectation
  • our aim is to go beyond the expectations of every customer by offering our exceptional service

in what way

  • we are involved in every stage upon customers purchase selection of cars to deciding the best acceptable financing terms in its acquisition
  • we keep the periodic maintenance of our fleet with utmost care and attention
  • we have a customer service team that are sincere, courteous and reliable professionals
  • we keep adding value for our customers’ delight and pay the most attention in every touchpoints